What a Busy Summer it has been for us LEGENDS ! Two Events already and summer has just started !



What a beautiful site to see the great turn out for our ALL CHURCH BEACH PICNIC even in the midst of the coldest day at the beach Newsong represented !

There were major kites flying brought by Jim Dodgen !!! It was so windy… Jimmy Wu almost got taken away ! =)

The Legends Crew manning the grill getting their skills honed in for Kings Table and served up some yummy burgers and dogs for Lunch ! Enough food for everybody ! Thanks to Brackens Kitchen for hooking us up !

It was Awesome to see the Staff enjoying and taking it in and resting !

Lambert and his crew doing surf lessons ! So Rad to see all ages of our church rippin it up !

Loved seeing the church jus relaxing and bonding together either layin under a canopy blocking the wind on the lawn….or playing Volleyball on the sand and seeing the kids running playing !



This marks Our First Legends sponsored Kings Table ! What a blessing and privilege to serve our honored guests !!!

The Legends crew took it to another level led by our Smoke Master Tae Um who had started preparing a week ahead to ensure the best was served ! We had 6 smokers going !  We did not disappoint ! A watermelon salad prepared by yours truly…our Legend Leader Jack Toan and Dessert provided by none other than Alchemy Cookies prepared by me and Tony making our Alchemiezookie with Vanilla bean ice cream with a Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Drizzle !

One of my favorite moments was connecting with one of the KingsTable guest…she said ” this was the best meal she has ever had !” a reminder when we all come together with our main goal to show Love …they feel it in every detail ! Thanks to all the Legends men who came out to serve and all the volunteers made this KINGS TABLE special ! There were a lot of smiling faces and happy stomachs …but most of all seeing our guests connect with each other and being encouraged by one another through their sharing their stories was the highlight of the night !

Until next time ….hope to see you at our next event !



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