What an AWESOME Retreat it was for our LEGENDS this past month in Wrightwood !!! 

Something always special happens with God when we take ourselves out of our normal routine to meet with Him….Our First Men’s Legends Retreat will go down in the books as one of the best and most memorable ! God showed up big time ! Even from the start with the drive up….getting all of us there safe and through all that Coachella traffic.

God had something amazing waiting for us up on that Mountain !

40 Men getting a chance to recharge and take a break for a couple days and reset to connect with God and other Men ! One man even said these two days off felt like a week ! A much needed break for sure !  The Men getting a chance to connect and be quiet with God thru Nature…The Best ! One of the highlights was seeing Men Connecting and getting to know one another better…finding new faces or familiar faces…each one finding new things about each other whether they have been at Newsong for 1 month or 10 yrs. Another Man said that after 20 yrs at Newsong ” this was my first Men’s event! ” So Good !!!  So many natural conversations were had thru the Meals or Activities and Games like BBall , Bump, Archery, Ping Pong…and even Horseshoes! There was so much fun going on ! 

Peter Shambrook was our Guest Speaker for the retreat…he shared powerfully about our identity as Saints saved by grace / our mind body soul heart / co-laboring with Holy Spirit . Peter was vulnerable and authentic sharing from his own journey and pain…the men were deeply encouraged and lives were changed ! We are LEGENDS because we are chosen’s sons of God !!! Grateful for the response time before and after sessions through Worship led by Cesar Ray Jeff Will and Sean. To see 40 men worshiping God is one amazing sight to see… God’s presence was felt for sure ! The Last nite was so powerful…time ending with Pete praying a Fathers blessing over us and singing Reckless Love over us Men…we felt the Holy Spirit in the room…men moved to tears…a Special nite ! Capped off with the Men sharing and bonding over a Campfire with S’mores and cup of noodles ! How can you top that ?!

…..On Sunday our last day was a powerful time of sharing in a circle with all the men what God showed and spoke to us up in the mountains… what He said to us through each story….hearing each of us share was so encouraging…that we are not alone in this battle ! WE TOOK A KNEE FOR GOD … a symbol…an act of  SURRENDERING ourselves to God  ….a symbol of UNITY as LEGENDS !

As we all left down that Sunday afternoon….we didn’t leave what happened there up on that Mountain….but instead we took that Mountain top experience with us…by choosing to live free from that burden of being a perfect Man or Leader …and living from our broken and contrite Heart Connected to HIM as we Co-Labor with the Holy Spirit…flowing with Him each day and letting Him flow thru us …. choosing to LIVE in His grace… knowing we are Saints saved by Grace. LEGENDS !!!


Hands Raised


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