This past Saturday, Dr. Charles Dorsey, met with the men to talk about his passion regarding Fathers and Sons.

He showed us the logo (see above) that was designed to convey his passion.

It is a picture of a father and his son facing each other.  Two men connecting, or reconnecting with each other. 

Behind the image, Dr Dorsey explains a few results of connecting with your father:

  • It can be uncomfortable, even painful,
  • It can also reveal the source of your disconnectedness with your father, and his pain when he was growing up.
  • But it can also help you understand your father, and who he is, and in turn, who you are.
He also showed us the basic principles of connecting through an Acronym: S.P.E.A.K.

Sharing stories, histories of each other

Pain- Sharing experiences of deep pain

Exploration- Digging deeper to understand the questions “who am i?” and  “Where do I come from?” 

Affirmation- Recognizing the value of each one’s life story

Kinship- Acknowledging that we are connected to something.  Who is our family? Who is our father?

In his book “Father and Sons Speak: Telling my Father’s Story“, Dr. Dorsey documents the most memorable and significant learning’s of a son who decided to hear his father’s story after 28 years of absence. 
It is a challenge to the bitter, hopeless, careless, and unforgiving attitude that haunts many fathers and sons.  
In front of 28 men in attendance, he candidly spoke about how connecting with his dad helped him address his pain and improved his relationship with his wife.
In his description of the book, he writes:
” It is a call to the generation of shattered and estranged families, encouraging them to come back together. It is an invitation to value stories while having the courage to share your own. It extends an invitation to value stories over comfort, pain, and fear.”

Dr. Dorsey also invited us to share our story on his website “FathersandSonsSpeak“. His goal is to collect 100,000 stories about the joys and sorrows told through a Father’s or Son’s story.

Check out the hyperlinks above to learn more about Dr Dorsey, his book, and his initiative to encourage Father and Sons to connect and share their story.


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