The Legends Gathering in May was the perfect continuation of the our Retreat in the previous month.  At the Retreat, we learned that we are “Saints Save by Grace!”  We learned about the connections between our heart, soul and body.  Jim Dodgen joined us as the guest speaker in May to talk about marriage.  He shared his life story with us in a vulnerable way that impacted us all.  Like many of us, Jim’s marital relationship has had tremendous challenges but despite all the difficulties, conflicts and pain along the way, his marriage endured and is as strong as ever!  Jim attribute this to where his heart is in its alignment to God.  It was his realization of his identity in Christ that gave him the freedom to be who he was made to be.  That has made all the difference in how he traverse though life even in the midst of strife! The image left in my mind as Jim swung his large broad sword (yes, he brought a sword) is that we are all called to be God’s warriors – to protect our loved ones, to lift each other up and to love with the heart of God.


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