On January 19th, 2019, to kickoff the 2019 year for our Legends Men’s ministry group, Will Broxton came and blessed us with encouragement and life lessons by sharing his Story.

Will Broxton is Newsong Church’s Next Steps Pastor. If you have ever been to Newsong, you have most likely run into Will.  Will is one of the key people that fosters the sense of Community that Newsong is known for and we are blessed to have him!

A key theme that came up in Will’s talk was the theme of Reconciliation. Will was able to give our group a very vulnerable yet profound talk about what reconciliation looks like and why it is important.  He also gave the group ideas on what reconciliation might look like for men of God in today’s current social climate. By describing his personal Story, Will brought the theme of Reconciliation to life. He also shared about his journey to Newsong, the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations.  

Will brought it all home by reminding the men that his Story is not all about Will Broxton, but God leading him every step of the way. He also encouraged and challenged the Legends group to not shy away from hard conversations, and to always remember that whatever season you are in, God is leading your path.


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