Pastor’s nephew? Check.
Grew up in the church? Check.
Involved in various mission projects? Check.
Led different life stage ministries? Check.

Never sinned, never hurt, and never doubted?  Um… Not so much.

In addition to the first four items above, Tyson Rodriguez has worked in Radiology as a CT Technologist for over 26 years.  He is a gatherer and connector of people.  If you ask him what is his greatest joy and achievement, he’ll tell you it’s being married to his best friend and love, Rehana Rodriguez.

In case you missed our gathering today, Tyson has a huge heart for God and the Church.  His passion is to see men come to know the Love of the Father and follow Him into the wildest adventure of their lives — just as he has.

Today we were blessed by his story of hope and faith.  It was raw, it was real, it was vulnerable. In short, it was powerful.

Tyson’s journey is one of overcoming deep pain and wounding. Tyson wrestled with God and asked a common question: “If He is such a loving God, why does He allow bad things to happen in this world?”

As Tyson shared, it was clear that God was with Tyson all along.  God’s audacious grace was a recurring theme.  Even in the midst of darkness and pain, Tyson would still hear God whispering to him.  God never abandoned him.

I’m so grateful that we got to hear how God ultimately healed Tyson’s soul and broken heart — and completely rescued him out of darkness!

Tyson Rodriguez


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