We had an amazing time with our very own, the original Legend of Newsong, Pastor Dave Gibbons, at the last Men’s Breakfast on Sat, May 20. He answered questions about how a world-renown pastor, speaker, author, and visionary listen to God in his everyday life, and wrestle with what it means to be a husband, father, friend, neighbor, entrepreneur, and colleague. Jeff Fulkerson did a masterful, Oprah-style interview with Dave, and gave us a rare intimate glimpse into Dave’s life. In an unprecedented display of humility and vulnerability, Dave opened up his heart and shared some of his painful memories, regrets, triumphs, lessons learned, ways he is being challenged to grow, and most of all, how God can take one man’s life who is sold out to Jesus and change the world in ways that are beyond what we can ever imagine. We walked away inspired and gained a much greater appreciation of Dave for the man he is. If you missed this never-before-seen opportunity to get to know Dave, sorry, you missed out. There is no recording of any kind of that morning. Remember, what happens at Men’s Breakfast… But don’t miss out next time.


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