Why should I care about ‘pop culture’ when it comes to understanding God and deepening my
relationship with Him?… just ask Bru!… but only when you have some time! And that’s exactly what we did on Saturday, July 15th… we had an awesome time together as men, as Dave Brubaker shared his story with us, and of course some pop culture! We all have been challenged by Dave’s messages, and have learned from his unique and God centered perspective on things that go on around us, yet Saturday we got to know the man, his dreams, his struggles, his work and more importantly, his passions! If you weren’t there you missed out!

Thanks Dave for sharing openly with us and for the chance to understand the things that have shaped and molded you into the man that you are today… a man after God’s own heart, passionate about what God is passionate about. You inspired us to look for God in all that goes on around us, and to be curious, sensitive and adventurous as we go through life, making the most of the opportunities God presents us with!


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