Getting up and personal with Sam Song… what a great way to spend a Saturday morning! Such a privilege at the Legends gathering on Sep 16th to hear Sam’s story and interact with him. Through the many pains and struggles of multiple transitions, as well as through the many blessings, Sam shared with us some of the things God has been clarifying for him…

  • How to navigate through change and uncertainty holding things lightly (with open hands), and tightly on to those we love
  • How to live out Faith, Hope and Love… and where to concentrate most of our energy.

Both have had a great impact on how I want to live my life. In the later discussion, Sam compared ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ to the ‘Past, Present and Future’:

  • Faith: Past…what was done by Christ on our behalf; what we have believed in for forgiveness!
  • Hope: Future… that which we hope for, and is still to come… eternal life with God!
  • Love: Present… Love is exercised today, and how I Love will define my Legacy. Today is the most important day in developing the legacy I desire.

There is no doubt that Faith and Hope are fundamental, but the greatest is Love. 80+% of my energy should be spent Loving others in the present!

Thanks Sam! We all were truly blessed by your words and your transparency!!


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