Isn’t that a great title?

We all want to be better at hearing God (and being confident about what we’ve heard).

And when giants appear, don’t we want to be able to slay them?

Clearly, no slaying will happen without preparation.

That’s why last Saturday, October 21st, we invited Darryl Brumfield to share with us.

Darryl shared the story of his career, and pointed out how God was involved (whether or not he realized it at the time).  It was instructive as he delved into times when he trusted God, and other times when he didn’t trust God.

Ultimately, it’s not about our skillsets or insecurities.  It’s about trusting God to take care of us.  It’s about letting him work on us through our work.

This was a great session, and being there in person is always best.  But if you missed it, you can pick up Darryl’s book on Amazon and read all about his story at your own pace.

Legends - Darryl Brumfield


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